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Welcome to our wiki.

We have much to share and learn from each other!

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Welcome, introductions, and the goals for today are:
  • Enjoy our time together – we have much to learn from each other
  • Collaborate
  • Explore Internet resources and Web 2.0 tools that actively engage students in learning
  • Be empowered to create activities integrating digital resources
  • Presentation, discussion, and hands-on time

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Creating Sticky and H.E.A.T.ed Lessons and Presentations Jog

Tools for designing lessons:
Formative assessment options (using Web 2.0 tools)
H.E.A.T. index

Will You Type With Me page
(15 can use this tool at a time.)

Butterfly Image Corkboard


A free word cloud generator (Wordles can only be printed 0 please open yours in a new window and then take a screen shot or save as a .pdf)


A free online file conversion site. (If you download your Wordle as a .pdf or take a screen shot you must covert it to an image file (.jpg or .gif) so that you are able to manipulate it on Picnik)


A free photo editing site.


Blabber Example

Blabberize Tutorial

Paper Slide Video example

How to make a Paper Slide video by Dr. Lodge McCammon
Flip Video tutorial

How to put a Flip Video on YouTube


ThingLink for Education

Video Tutorial by Richard Byrne

Another Tutorial

Jamie Forshey's Professional Development Example

American Gothic Example

Even more Examples

32 Ways to Use ThingLink in the Classroom

ThingLink Blog - detailed instructions and more advanced ways to use the site

Image resource list

Link to a comic creator page of resources

Please share your favorite Web 2.0 Tool

Please post the link or the embed code on this Corkboardme so I can add it to our wiki.

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